Victim Card

by Liability

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Our final single as we have decided to call it a day.

This song was written about someone who used to be a friend of the band until we later found out he beat, sexually assaulted and stole money from his partner at the time, who is another close friend of the band.
So fuck that guy.

Fun fact: This is the first set of lyrics we've used written entirely by Don.

Thanks to everyone who supported us along the way, enjoy the track.

Liability, 2015 - 2017.


Excuses, excuses, they're all I fucking hear;
But the truth behind your words is painfully clear.
You're nothing but a human leech,
Refuse to practice what you fucking preach;
Nothing wrong with you at all, at least that's what you believe,
Even though you're the only one you can deceive.
Your every second spent playing the victim card,
But no one's fucking fooled, you've gone too far.
You deserve to be locked away, you'll never be found,
Then we'll see how many friends you have when you're lowered in the ground.

Go ahead, violate and abuse;
Just keep on thinking you have nothing to lose.
If I hear one more time that you've hit her again,
Believe my fucking words, I'll put your life to an end.
Go ahead, commit another assault;
Keep telling yourself that it's not your fault.
Now your family and friends are the ones you blame;
All the lies you spit just to hide your shame.
At least now I know exactly where you stand;
So I'll have no guilt when I show you you're not a man

Consider this your only fucking warning,
I've got a vendetta so start the mourning.
Sick of all your excuses and the people you've hurt,
So play the victim card until you're rotting in the dirt.
The only time you'll be the victim is when I stomp your teeth into the fucking curb.


released August 1, 2017
Don Coveny - Lyrics.
M. Hughes - All instruments and structure.
Brad Thomas - Recording, Mixing.
Tye Pennington Audio - Reamping, Mastering.
Caulee John - Art.



all rights reserved


Liability Sydney, Australia

A heavy band from western Sydney drawing influences from hardcore, downtempo and nu metal.

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