Self Titled EP

by Liability

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Anto I wouldn't be surprised if these guys blow up in the near future. Favorite track: Liability.
Phil Jeffrey
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Phil Jeffrey Hey that's pretty good
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Over the last 14 months we've been through hell trying to get this project off the ground.
Our vocalist became incredibly sick for months, we'd been through 6 former members before we even played a show, financial struggles as well as having to record back and forth between two studios as one of them closed down and so much more.

Here are the 7 tracks we've recorded over these 14 months that we've bunched together and are calling our debut self titled EP along with our new logo.

We're also happy to announce we'll be releasing a new single sometime in early 2017 that sounds quite different to anything on this EP.

Special thanks:
Broken Sound Studios
George Mackenzie
Emerald Entertainment
The New Breed Booking Agency
Blackcraft Bookings
Loaded Entertainment
Chai Grima Photography
The Art of Steven Rogers
Slapdash Records + Promotions
Caulee John
Corey Nathan Photography

We also want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has ever listened to any of our music, came to a show, complimented us or supported us in any way up until this point.

We hope you enjoy it.
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released November 16, 2016

Don Coveny: Vocals, Lyrics.

Matthew Hughes: Guitars, Bass, Backing vocals, Lyrics.

Sam Drabsch: Drums on 'Substance' and 'Prolapse.'

- Additional Credits:
Dylan Hoggard: Guitars, Bass.
Antonio Astroza: Drums on '10-56.'
B. Guerts: Additional guitars on 'Mistake' and lyrics for 'Snakes.'
D. Wells: Drums on 'Snakes', 'Mistake' and 'Liability.'
R. Kumar: Additional drums on 'Mistake.'
G. Mckenzie: Featured vocals on '10-56.'
J. Buttgenbach: Lyrics for 'Snakes.'



all rights reserved


Liability Sydney, Australia

A heavy band from western Sydney drawing influences from hardcore, downtempo and nu metal.

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Track Name: Silence
A moment of silence for those who've departed,
If you thought it would die then you're clearly misguided,
A loss of dead weight only makes you hardened,
Suffer the shame as you walk through the garden,
Shifting around like a moving target,
For a way back in you cannot bargain,
As time goes on we will grow larger,
And our souls are ever turning darker,
I wonder how it feels to know,
You constantly live in our shadow.
All the talk has been disregarded,
Life goes on and we're just getting started.
Track Name: Substance
How the fuck can you run your mouth,
When you don't know what you're talking about
Called it brotherhood,
We call it a lie,
You turned your back and you let it die,
We choose our own path,
Never follow your trail,
Try to stop us but we always prevail,
I refuse to hear the words of a traitor,
I feel nothing for you but pure hatred,
We've got nothing so there's nothing to lose,
We've got something to prove,
So take a walk in our shoes,
You'll fucking die before I ever let you.
How's that for substance you motherfucker?
Track Name: Liability
Causin' disabilities,
Wanna fuck with us,
But you know we show agility,
Yeah are you feelin' me?
And the probability,
That we're all in hell,
But you're taking it too seriously,
We're all gonna die,
Stop living a lie,
Your hope is dead and buried,
There's no time to cry,
Look into the sky,
For an answer why,
Getting nothing back,
Cause God ain't on your side,
Cocking back the nine,
Squeezing on the trigger,
Sucking down the liquor,
But the blood is always thicker,
Paint a pretty picture,
Of how we're gonna rot,
We are liability,
And this is all we've got.

These flowers don't bloom quite the same as they used to,
Wake the fuck up and see the system has used you,
Not a part of the program that you've become,
End up at the bottom when it's all said and done,
We're all we've got and we stick by that,
No matter how many motherfuckers turn their back,
If there's one thing I can tell you,
I can tell you this for certain,
Liability forever now it's time to close the curtain.

Bring me the noose, send me back to the void I came from.
I'll die alone in an empty grave it's where I belong.
Pull the trigger, send me back to the hell I crawled from.
So much misery you could come and put me out of.
Track Name: Mistake
You were nothing but a mistake.
You can always be replaced.

I ain't the one that you mess with,
I am the one that calls you a bitch.
Nothing compares to the sound,
Of me smashing your face into the ground.

You were nothing but a mistake.

Fuck you.

Why do I feel,
Like regretting all,
Mistakes I've made,
Overwhelmed with,

Everything is wasting away through your broken hands.

I told you I don't give a fuck.

Track Name: Snakes
Never fucking speak,
I've listened to snakes for far too long,
Hold your fucking breath while I cut out your tongue,
While I cut your fucking tongue out,
Accept this is your fate,
Your friends are all fake,
Everybody knows that it's all for show,
Everybody knows,
Yeah every body knows,
That you're a fucking fake.

You're a fucking snake.
Track Name: Prolapse
Juveniles, vultures circling me,
Waiting for my carcass to swoop down and feed,
Picking at scabs from trash I left behind,
Now the truth has come out I am no longer blind,
So let your skeletons come out to play,
And we'll see just what the fuck they have to say.

I thought I told you never to speak,
You should have fucking listened to me,
This is the last time I waste words on you,
Spitting black from my lungs is all I ever do,
Took advantage of the time and place,
Thought what we had was real but you spit in my face,
Can't believe I put so many months to waste,
It left a bitter taste,
Put you back in your place,
I push myself forward,
While you take steps back,
Take everything as an attack,
And that's why I react,
So you up and ran away,
Cause you knew you were wrong,
Now you're still suffering,
I'm here standing strong,
I tried to make it work,
But you threw up your walls,
I was there for you,
And you let me fall,
So you can't be forgiven for the things you've done,
It was such a sick joke,
Was it all for fun?
So it's a positive that we are done,
I'll never speak your name again and I'm moving on.

It's hard to speak without a tongue,
It's hard to breathe when you've been hung,
Now the only thing left to do,
Is figure out how to get away from you,
I've got no place to close my eyes,
I've got no place to lay my head,
I can't escape all I despise,
Maybe I'm better off dead.

Cast aside and put to run on a shelf,
Too fucked up in the head to try and get help,
You have nothing to fear but fear itself,
How about I just fucking kill myself?
Track Name: 10-56 (Ft. George of Skyon)
Attention all units,
Please respond,
We have a 10-56,
Consumed by hate,
Units move up to the door,
Body on the floor,
Blood on the walls,
Rope around his neck,
It severed his head,
We can't identify his corpse,
An accident by a mind forced,
The demons consumed him,
Fought a battle he could never win,
Wretched mess of flesh and bone,
He lived his life alone,
And if you're still alive,
You fucking die,
With a pair of slit wrists,
I've had enough of this,
I didn't ask for it,
I never wanted to live,
You claim that life is a gift,
Well it's more like a curse,
How could it get any worse?
You'll find me in a fucking hearse.
Attention all units,
Please respond,
I am the burden,
I am a 10-56.